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What is the BADASS CLASS?

The Badass Class has been created with the goal of turning every person who attends the class into a CrossFit Badass!  The class will be organized in such a way that appropriately supplements our current CrossFit Training Program.  Each week the Badass Class will have a different focus that will be posted on the whiteboard next to the office in the gym and on the website.  Examples for the class focus are: Olympic lifts, Strongman, Gymnastics, Bodybuilding  and mobility for CrossFit, Testing (test a girl WOD, heroWOD, max lift, open workout), etc.  This class will not be all instructional, there will be workouts every class that will apply the new skills that you will learn and prescriptions for you to practice on your own.

Who is the BADASS CLASS for?

The Badass Class is for every gym member!  If you want to improve any of your skills, or just become more of a badass, then you should come to this class!

When is the BADASS CLASS?

The BADASS CLASS will be on Thursday nights at 6:30pm.

What does it mean to be a “BADASS” and what will it be like when I become a “BADASS”?  

Please insert your name into the following memes and read it out loud. If you come to enough BADASS CLASSES, someday someone will make memes like this about you.
 Nuff Said!
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