Being a member at CrossFit 646 is not the same as being a member at a large fitness facility or “globo gym.”  You will not find treadmills, vibrating plates or other fancy machines that train you to get really good at using machines, but not living in the real world.  What you will find in our gym is that the people are the machines. We move barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, odd objects and we move our bodies in a variety of functional ways with the goal of improving the movements we use in our everyday lives and/or sports.  What you will also find at CrossFit 646 is a healthy community that thrives on the support of one another and enjoys the camaraderie of the person next.  There is none of the typical ego at CrossFit 646 that you find in other gyms.  That’s because we do not love our clients because of their abilities, even though we embrace awesome displays of fitness and athleticism.  We love our clients because of their hard work, courage, desire, dedication, determination, discipline, sense of humor and for entrusting their health to us.  Physical abilities are cool, but attitude is what earns respect in our gym.

At CrossFit 646 we participate in classes that are programmed with the intention of improving our overall fitness. We define fitness as our ability to perform an amount of work in a given time using a broad set of functional movements. It is this pursuit of fitness that will lead to increases in strength, flexibility, endurance, stamina, functional capacity for everyday life and “health correlates” such as fat loss, muscle gain, lowered heart rate and blood pressure, increased bone density, hormonal improvements and the list goes on.  The workouts are challenging, engaging, fun, different every day, safe for all ages and ability levels, carefully planned and highly instructional.  We pride ourselves in providing every client of our gym with a high level of coaching as well as keeping them safe while they train.

Who should sign up for CrossFit?

  • Anyone with the goal of improving their health, lowering their risk of injury or improving their performance in sport.
  • Classes at CrossFit 646 are for anyone who enjoys exercise or wants to learn to enjoy exercise and have fun doing it.

*We will give you the tools, you just have to show up, work hard, love it and we promise you will see better results than any other fitness or health program out there!

Constantly Varied

High Intensity

Functional Movement

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