Meet Our Coaches

Our Promise to Our Members!


To set the standard for gym communities everywhere.

Our Mission

“Offer World Class CrossFit Coaching, Unwaivering Service, and a Humble, Hungry and Happy Community”

By offering World Class CrossFit Coaching and unwaivering service to our customers, CrossFit 646 aims to create a community of Humble Hungry and Happy people who kick ass at life. Our members and staff will continually seek to learn how to optimize their fitness, nutrition, recovery and build the relationships that help us to lead a healthy fulfilled life.

Core Values


We understand that CrossFit 646 does not exist without the wonderful people who walk through our doors each day. We are grateful for the opportunity to build relationships with every member of our community and we thank you for choosing us! Our staff will thank you daily by welcoming, supporting, educating and motivating you as you navigate your way to a healthy lifestyle.


We follow through. We promise to always be honest in our interactions, own up to our mistakes and correct them to the best of our abilities. We promise never to over promise and under deliver.


We are excited about this gym, this community, our careers and the opportunity to serve everyone! Your toughest days are our opportunity to inspire and motivate you to perform your best in the gym and in life.


To us “Excellence” is not a destination, but something we are always chasing. We promise never to settle, to always chase new and innovative ways to provide the best program to EVERYONE.

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