Congratulations to Samantha Mowbray for EARNING CrossFit 646’s Athlete of the Month for June 2017!!!

Here are Sam’s inspiring words.  What an incredible story!

1.       How long have you been a member of CrossFit 646?

Since November 2016

2.       What motivated you to start CrossFit?

I grew up playing sports (Softball and Track & Field mostly) and very much miss the team feel and the competitive nature that organized sports brought to my life. I don’t remember the year, but came across the CrossFit Games on TV and started to do research on what it was all about. EVERYTHING I read brought up community and team and that family feel you get from the sport and that sparked my interest! I will admit, it took me several years to take it seriously or commit. I was afraid of it at first. Afraid of being last, afraid of not knowing what things meant, but traveling for work allowed me to get exposed to what CrossFit represents and 99% of the time that community/family feel could be found at each box I would visit.

3.       What motivates you to continue pushing yourself?

Joining the 646 Family. The dedication you give each of us to either correct form, ensure we stay safe, push us to try new things and just simply answer questions no matter how small keeps me coming back for more. I have learned an incredible amount in the last 8 months from what I CAN do to how to properly care for myself, but most importantly, to be a better me. I’ve gained confidence in myself in all parts of my life because of the confidence I’ve developed in the gym. Learning how to push and try new things and reach that next goal is intoxicating! Let’s not forget the people motivate me too. Seeing others kill it each day makes me want to be a better CrossFitter every day I come in.

4.       Have you met any large goals since you’ve been a member of CrossFit 646?

Where do I start!?!?!

PR’s in ALL big lifts. #1 on the leader board for 5K row that is under 20 min! My first pull-up. My first time doing the Open. I’ve lost 37 llbs of fat…!! I can string together 10-20 DU’s. I can do 10 Strict Push-ups. I am more confident going upside down and holding handstands… the list goes on and on!

5.       What obstacles have you overcome to meet your goals?

Loving Endurance, building a routine and not making excuses. It might sound small or silly, but since embracing the Endurance class I have seen tons of improvement in my work during a CrossFit class. Having a plan for the day and week helps ensure I am routinely at the gym, not only for CrossFit Class, but also for Olympic Lifts AND more importantly my pre-hab/re-hab work to help build and strong foundation.

crossfit6.       It takes a village to accomplish major goals.  Is there anyone who helped you or inspired you to meet your goals?

It goes without saying that each and every coach has helped me TREMENDOUSLY (as I reflect I am getting misty eyed). HUGE hats off to Matt, working with me in the very beginning to get my first pull-up and achieve a strong handstand. Without Mel I wouldn’t be building some strong butt muscles. Without Mel and Courtney I wouldn’t have a sub 20 min 5K row.

7.       Do you have any goals that you’re focused on right now?

Always, the list is enormous! But I am working on free-standing handstand right now, currently at PR of 5 seconds… I’m mainly taking a step back and enjoying the journey that the last 8 months have given me. It’s a whirlwind and although I want to be able to get T2B and Pistols I am working on my foundation. I have a weak right side and don’t know how to activate my hamstrings and glutes, so before I run off and tackle my list I want to be strong and the very fundamental level. It’s a long road, but in the long run will help me be more strong and stable.

8.       If you had to give one piece of advice to someone just starting out at CrossFit 646 what would it be?

It’s OK to be last in a workout… in fact it’s wonderful to be last. Being last means everyone is cheering for you. All eyes are on you and it helps you push to be stronger, faster and appreciate where you came from when you look back and cheer for others who are finishing up last. Always cheer for those around you and yourself.

9.       What do you love about CrossFit?

What it’s done to me physically and mentally. I think questions 1-8 really outline it all, but if I sum it up. Not all CrossFit gyms have been created equally. There was a time I was hunting for a CrossFit gym to call home. People and Programming are big defining pieces to it all. I’ve been a part of many gyms, whether it be previous gyms prior to 646 or ones I visit when traveling for work. I don’t love CrossFit, I love where I go to do CrossFit. I live a 40 min drive away and it is worth it every time to make that drive. Thank you Matt and Mel and everyone at 646, you are my family and I love EVERY single one of you with my whole heart.


SAM, thank you for being a huge part of our CrossFit community, for being a true friend, for driving 40 minutes to the gym and congratulations for earning Athlete of the Month!!!




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