CrossFit Class 1/15/17


CrossFit Class 1/15/17

646 WOD 1/17/18

CrossFit Class
For Time
75 Snatches 75/55lbs

Take 10 Minutes to Complete
Heavy set of 5 reps of:
Back Squat
**Competitors do this after the Snatch workout


Hi Team!
It’s OPEN SEASON!!!  You Can Now Sign Up at for the OPEN!!!  Make sure to sign up under our affiliate and the CrossFit 646 Team
We are 7 weeks away from the Live Announcement of 18.1!!!
For CrossFit athletes, you are now considered “IN-SEASON”.  With that being said, your training regimen is going to change a bit so that we are peaking for the Open workouts.  Here is what that means:
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, you’ll see WODs that are similar to Open workouts, and might even be previous Open workouts.  This is your main focus for this training cycle.  You have to get used to pushing the limits on WODs!  Treat these workouts like it’s the Open.
2.  “GAME” the Workouts
Practice figuring out how to strategize and perform well in workouts.  This is how you will perform the Open Workouts, so let’s practice this.  Think about the workouts ahead of time and figure out the best way for you personally to perform well…Have a Plan!
3.  RX the Workouts
Sometimes in other parts of the year, it makes sense to practice half movements during WODs or to work out based on percentages.  This is not the case during the Open.  This is the time to RX workouts if you’re doing RX’d in the Open.
4.  If the OPEN is your season, then Olympic Weightlifting is a secondary
So I’m going to be programming separate Olympic Weightlifting Training for CrossFitters.  If you’re trying to do well in the Open, then you should only follow the CrossFit Weightlifting and NOT the Olympic Weightlifting.  Remember your goals.  We need to be good at WODs right now, not specifically Olympic Lifts.  You will stay strong doing this program and in most cases increase your maxes by lifting less often.   This will allow you to be more fresh for WODs.
5.  Perfect your Skills
If you have a skill that is a glaring weakness, then work on it 3 days per week!  In the Open, weaknesses can be devastating.  It’s all about being well rounded. Fill in your gaps!
6.  Be Injury Free!
Lastly, take care of your bodies.  If you have any nagging injuries, your goal is to be completely healthy by the Open.  That’s more important than anything else.  If you have to skip a workout, or modify something, DO IT!  Be smart!