Jan 14 – D3W2Meso1


Jan 14 – D3W2Meso1

I’m going to continue to post the instructions for anyone checking out our site for the first time at the bottom of the posts.  If you have already read the instructions and you are confident with the terms, please skip over the bottom of this post.

Clean and Jerk 70%/2, 75%/2, 80%/1×3
Halt Clean Dead+ Jump Shrug  105%/(3+3)x3
Front Squat heavy/5×3
GHSU/15×3, Strict T2B/15×3, Side Plank Dips/15x 3
Hyper 2×12 BW or light plate

This is the main program that I am currently using with our Olympic Weightlifters at 646 Weightlifting Club.  I do, however modify this program for each lifter in the Club depending on their particular weaknesses and needs.  This macrocycle ends on February 28th with a max for both lifts.  This post starts in the middle of a 4 week mesocycle with back squats, front squats, and overhead squats once per week.  The designation “Heavy” means that you should work to a heavy set of 5 for that day, adding 5 to 10 kg’s on each set.  If you plan to follow along, I suggest that you not go to a max unless the program says to do so.  Also, you should not miss any of the reps for squats, so go heavy, but not too heavy for that day.  The second mesocycle will be 5 weeks long, and only has two days of squatting, while progressing to heavier competitive lifts that ends with a meet on February 28th.  This is a 5 day per week program with training days being Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.  The way that you read this program is:

Example: RDL Sn Grip 75%/8×3

*For this movement being an Romanian Deadlift with a Snatch Grip, you would use 75% of your max Snatch and perform 8 reps for 3 sets.

Example: Push Press /3×5, Pull Ups / 3×5

*For this set of movements you would perform as a superset a set of 3 reps for Push Press and then 3 reps of Pull Ups for 5 sets.

Additionally, all lifters should have a warm up routine that will not be programmed in these posts.  Your warm up should consist of some or all of the following: rowing, dynamic mobility, ballistic stretching, static stretching, light foam rolling, and modalities specific to your personal weak points and preference.  I am an advocate for stretching after your training and during the day as well as sauna and massage on a regular basis.