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Bethanie Burke (42 Day Transformation)

November 13, 2014

bethanie burke 6-6-14 to 7-25-14 BackI have never been happier with my body until now from working with Melissa from 646! The best part is that I know my body is still getting better. I grew up doing competitive dance along with being an elite runner in cross country and track in high school. I’ve always been athletic but gained 20lbs during and after college. Now I am back at my high school weight but have more muscle! Working with Melissa I better understand the relationship betweenbeth food and my body’s nutritional needs. I thought I ate pretty decent before, but I now realize I wasn’t eating the right foods at the right time. I have a completely different outlook on food and cut out things for the better. I thought it would be hard changing my diet and drinking habits, but it was actually easy. In fact, I will never go back to the way I ate or drank before! I still do enjoy some wine or a cold beer here and there 😉 but have learned to manage drinking around my workouts. I’m excited to continue working with Melissa to acquire the body of my dreams and be the healthiest and strongest I can be!

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