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November 01, 2016

Camille Galang

Coach Camille originally came to me as an athlete wanting to improve her Olympic lifts.  She began training with Matt and Melissa since crossfitbefore the birth of CrossFit 646!  She’s trained with us in our shed when it was ice cold outside and we needed to heat the barbells before using them. She also trained with us in the “Church” (the area next door to 646 for the new members) and helped us build the current CrossFit 646 gym!  Camille was also our first coach at CrossFit 646 and she has done an incredible job.  I’m sure you all know what I mean.  Her classes are well organized, informative, friendly and fun…they feel like “CrossFit.”  The past couple of months have been a whirlwind for Camille, working fulltime with the United States Air Force, buying a house and then renting it, getting two new dogs and recently deciding to continue her career in the USAF, by relocating to London!  With all of this going on, Camille made a dream a reality by qualifying for the USA Weightlifting University and Under 25 National Championships in September!  This little 48kg firecracker even got featured on USA Weightlifting’s University Nationals Commencement announcement!  We’re sad to see you go Camille, but we’re excited to see what your new adventure will bring.  Thanks for being an inspiring athlete, a knowledgeable coach and an endearing friend.  And of course, Congratulations on earning Athlete of the Month!  I hope everyone will come out for Cam’s WOD on Saturday December 3rd and meet us at Trident 2 for her going away party that evening!

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