CrossFit Class 5-5-17


CrossFit Class 5-5-17

646 WOD 5-5-17

CrossFit Class
Online Qualifier Workout 4
2 rounds for time:
10 deadlifts, 315 lb.
20 deficit handstand push-ups, 4.5-in. deficit
30 front squats, 95 lb.

Rest to Full Recovery Then:

Every 5 minutes for 15 Minutes
50 Calorie Row
50 Double Unders
*If you complete all 50 double unders in the first set, do 50 reps for
each on the second set. If you do more than 25 double unders but do
not complete the set in the 5 minutes, then you drop to 40 reps for both
exercises on the next set. If you do less than 25 DU’s, drop to 30 reps.
On the second set, follow the same principle. On the third set, use the
same rule again as if you were going to do a 4th set. Your score is the
number you would be doing on your fourth set!


646 Schedule of Events

April 30th: Yoga for Athletes with Lacey from 11am to 12pm

May 29th:  MURPH  At CrossFit 646 North in Marana!  Come and honor our nation’s Heroes with us!

June 7th – June 29th :  Kill Cliff Granite Games Online Qualifier!  Sign up at and register under the CrossFit 646 Community!

August 12th:  GRAND OPENING OF CrossFit 646’s New Location at 75 W. River Road!!!!  In-House Partner Competition starts at 8AM!