CrossFit Class 5-8-17


CrossFit Class 5-8-17

646 WOD 5-8-17

CrossFit Class
Warm Up with general foam rolling

Every 90 Seconds for 7 sets
5 Back Squats @ 75%
5 Overhead Squats (Bar only) 33X1

Against a 3 Minute Clock Perform the Following:
500 Meter Row
Max Air Squats with the Remaining Time
Rest 3 Minutes
Repeat 4 Times and score is max Air Squats
*if the row will take you longer than 3 Minutes, then only row 300 Meters

646 Schedule of Events

May 29th:  MURPH  At CrossFit 646 North in Marana!  Come and honor our nation’s Heroes with us!

June 7th – June 29th :  Kill Cliff Granite Games Online Qualifier!  Sign up at and register under the CrossFit 646 Community!

August 12th:  GRAND OPENING OF CrossFit 646’s New Location at 75 W. River Road!!!!  In-House Partner Competition starts at 8AM!