CrossFit WODs Week of 7/10


CrossFit WODs Week of 7/10

OTM until you fail a lift twice or PR
M1 Bike 12/9 Cals
M2 1 Squat Clean
*start at 65% and build 3-5% each round

Teams of 2 for Max Cals in 10 Minutes
P1: Bikes
P2: 10 Deadlifts 115/85lbs + 30 Double Unders
*Partners rotate every time a partner finishes Deads and Dubs

For Time
400m Run
Deficit HSPU 6/4″
200m Run
Deficit HSPU 4/2″
200m Run
Deficit HSPU 2/0″
400m Run

OT2M for 10M
Bench Press 5

OTM for 8 Minutes (RMU / Pulling Vol/Strength/Skill Session)

OTM for 21M
15/12 Cal Bike
6 DB Burpee Box Step Overs 50/35s to 20″
10 DB Hang Snatches 50/35 + 10 Pull ups

For time with a partner:
1,000-m row
400-m weighted front carry (70/100 lb)
100 GHD sit-ups
400-m weighted front carry
1,000-m row
– Use a pair of DBs, KBs, a sandbag, or a D-ball held on the front side of the body for each carry.

Back Squat 70/3×5 21X1 tempo

AMRAP in 5Min
3 Push Press 115/85lbs
6 Front Squats 115/85lbs
9 Box jumps 24/20″
Rest 60s and do 3 rounds

Hot Shots 19
6 Rounds For Time
30 Air Squats
19 Power Cleans (135/95 lb)
7 Strict Pull-Ups
400 meter Run

10 sets
10 cal bike
10 Burpees over rower
10 cal row
Rest 60s