Athlete of the Month for December 2015
Jim Purdy!
The more I’m around CrossFit, the more I find that there is 1 personality trait that is invaluable to an athlete in their pursuit of Elite Fitness.  It is the ability to stay positive no matter what!  Jim Purdy is without a doubt, the most positive person I’ve been around in a long time!  Everyday, Jim walks in the gym with a smile on his face and a pep in his step.  I’ve walked over to Jim countless times mid WOD and asked him how he’s doing.  Jim could be burried in a barrage of burpees, sweat puddling around him, gasping for air, and his response is always the same. He looks at me, grins and says, “great!”  Among the other impressive character traits that Jim possesses such as winning WOD’s with grace (no CrossFit pun intended), my favorite is his witty sense of humor and way with words.  Jim wrote a review on google for the gym where his words really shined:
“Matt and Melissa York valiantly embraced the challenge when I lumbered into CrossFit 646 with a flabby 48-year-old body that hadn’t been to a gym in forever. I was coming to them with noticeably closed-shouldered, slouched posture that had atrophied from years of computer work in the cubicle world.

Through boundless encouragement and amazingly patient coaching during their daily group workouts — always with a keen eye on my safety — Matt and Mel delivered me from my unfitness.

First, it was a challenge for me just getting through their arduous repertoires. Then, my strength and fitness blossomed. Even my posture improved. (Walking upright and balanced has given me a glorious new perspective on the world!)

What would have seemed crazy to my former, sedentary self, Matt and Mel’s workouts are fun for me now. Bring on those weighty exercises! I have never felt better and credit Matt and Mel’s kindness, warmth, inspiration and expertise for changing my life for the better. I am so grateful to them!

Of course, just as awesome is the friendly and phenomenally supportive community at CrossFit 646! I hope to be a member for the rest of my transformed-for-the-better, walking upright life.”

What an incredible review! That’s not even a review. Compared to my writing that’s poetry. Not only is Jim known for his eloquence, but Jim is also picking up some heavy stuff! This week Jim Deadlifted 120 kilos!* Way to go JP! Jim and his wife Amy are in class every single day, leap frogging through workouts while juggling their boys. You two are an inspiration to everyone who has a hectic schedule and still wants to stay fit and healthy! Thanks Jim for everything you do for our gym and congratulations for earning Athlete of the Month!
*Results may vary