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Rachel has been training at 646 for 6 months.  She began her CrossFit journey in our 1 on 1 Foundations Course while taking classes at the same time.  Rachel came in with some concerns about previous injuries and wasn’t sure if she would even be able
to perform some of the overhead movements that were required in CrossFit.  With a _A2A9933bit of patience and dedication to her training, Rachel has pushed past the concerns and has continued to impress us with her hard nosed training demeanor and continued improvement in her fitness.  Rachel went from struggling to do the most basic movements to earning a slot in the Performance Track…a funny story about that, for the first couple of months that Rachel was on Beyond the Whiteboard her fitness level was atrociously low for her abilities and she was confused as to why her fitness level was eerily stagnant even though she had logged new PR’s.  When I checked her account I saw that she had listed herself as a man!  Once we got her gender squared away, Rachel pushed past a 40 Fitness Level and earned her slot.  This Fitness Level did not come easy.  Rachel came in 5 or 6 days per week and often came in extra to work on her Olympic Lifts.  Additionally, Rachel competed in her first CrossFit competition at the Clash of the Fittest 2 in Green Valley two weeks ago.  She and her teammate Jesse finished 8th out of 26 teams!  What an incredible accomplishment!  You might have also noticed that Rachel has shed a lot of bodyfat and gained some working muscle as well!  She’s gone from 37% bodyfat to 24%!* She’s lost 29 pounds of bodyfat and gained 9 pounds of muscle in 5 months!*  Way to go girl!  Thanks for being part of our gym Rachel, and we can’t wait to see how you’ll inspire us next!

*Results may vary