CrossFit Class 10-27-17


CrossFit Class 10-27-17

646 WOD 10-27-17

CrossFit Class
AOTM for 4 sets
4 Turkish Get Ups (2 per arm)
50 Foot Handstand Walk or 45 second hs hold on wall
45 Seconds of Double Unders

AMRAP Alternating every 2 Minutes with a partner for 6 Rounds (24 minutes total)
20/15 Calorie Row
8 Burpees over Rower
*Partner starts with 20/15 Calorie Row every round

Olympic weightlifting’s ARIZONA STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS Oct. 14-15
BARBELLS FOR BOOBS at both Tucson and Marana locations October 28th

FITTEST of 646 CO-ED In House Competition November 11th  Click Here to Sign Up!!!