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CrossFit Class 7/27


CrossFit Class 7/27

2 sets
30 Seconds of Jumping Jacks
30 Seconds of Squat Jumps @ 21X1 Tempo
60 Seconds of Pigeon Alternating
60 Seconds of Downward Dog
30 Seconds of Single Leg Deadlifts per Leg
30 Seconds of Hollow Rocks
30 Seconds of Burpee Jump Backs

“You Shall Not Pass”
OTM for 28 Minutes
M1: 200m Run
M2: 12 Thrusters 115/85lbs or 50/35lbs Dumbbells
M3: Max DB Hang Snatches 50/35lbs
M4: Rest

3 sets
45s Side Plank
30s Hollow Hold
30s Glute Bridge March