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CrossFit Class 7/30


CrossFit Class 7/30

3 sets
OTM for 9M
M1: 5 Parallete Shoot Throughs
M2: SL GB off a Box 8/8
M3: Side Plank Hip Raise 8/8
Kendra Movement Demos

“A Day May Come When the Courage of Men Fails”
OT2M for 18M
S1: Seated DB Press 8 @ 21X1 tempo
S2: Bent Over DB Row 8 @ 21X1 tempo
S3: Suitcase Carry 100m per side

“But Not THIS Day”
AMRAP in 10 Minutes
200 Meter Run
10/10 1 Arm DB Push Press  50/35lbs
20 Box Step Overs