We are proud to announce that our Athlete of the Month Award for May 2017 Goes to:

Debra Nolen!

Debbie has been an inspiration to us and to her family!  She won the 2017 De-Fat Challenge here at 646 and for the past two years she has made it a family event by bringing the fam to our Murph Challenge on Memorial Day.  Here’s what Debbie has to say about her time at 646.

How long have you been a member of CrossFit 646?
I’ve been a member of CrossFit 646 for over 2 years now.
What motivated you to start CrossFit?
I was motivated to start CrossFit because of how intense and challenging it seemed to be. I had stopped working out for 2 years and knew I needed to get moving again. Tim, my husband, found CrossFit 646 and that was it, I’ve loved it ever since!
What motivates you to continue pushing yourself?
What has motivated me to continue pushing myself in CrossFit is the challenge. I’m not the type to give up or walk away form anything. It doesn’t matter if I find obstacles in my way. I find a way around it and do what I set my mind to. Even though my arthritic hands have been a constant obstacle, I find at the end of the workout I’ve accomplish what I didn’t think I could and that’s what has kept me going.
Have you met any large goals since you’ve been a member of CrossFit 646?
I haven’t had specific goals but I have accomplished:
1. Being able to do one strict pull up. LOL
2. Winning the De-fat challenge.
3. Gaining more strength not only my body but my mind.
 It takes a village to accomplish major goals. Is there anyone who helped you or inspired you to meet your goals?
I have been truly inspired by Kristen, a member of CorssFit646, by all her strength and perseverance.

If you had to give one piece of advice to someone just starting out at CrossFit 646 what would it be?
CrossFit is challenging yet rewarding, my advice to anyone who would like to try CorssFit is try it and keep it up and persevere through it; the rewards are worth it! CrossFit can be compared to life, the exercises can be a struggle to get through, just as life struggles can be, but the hour or the day comes and goes and just like that you find you made it, and you’re that much stronger for it!
What do you love about CrossFit?
What I love about CrossFit is the moral, the CrossFit community support and the unweavering support from Matt, Melissa, Courtney and Rachel and the hardcore challenges it presents with rewards. I’ve felt stronger physically; I’ve had more self-esteem, and accomplished something I thought I couldn’t.

Debra, thanks for being an inspiration to everyone at CrossFit 646, for bringing your positive energy to the gym, and for just being a caring and friendly person to be around.  Congratulations on earning the CrossFit 646’s Athlete of the Month Award!  Earned, not given.