Tom Sovocool


Tom Sovocool

Matt and Melissa York are excellent coaches.  I have seen Matt coach in both a crossfit and olympic weightlifting setting.  As a crossfit coach, Matt is fun yet demanding, and is very skilled at modifying exercises for athletes when necessary.

Matt was my olympic weightlifting coach for two years, and during that time period my total increased by 32 kilos.*  He is very skilled at identifying technique flaws in the olympic lifts, and what course of action should be taken to make corrections.  By being able to consistently improve on the limitations of those he coaches, he is able to develop his weightlifters so they are strong, stable, and confident in all positions.

Both Matt and Melissa have coached me in weightlifting meets, and they are excellent at getting the most out of their lifters on meet day.  Their knowledge and experience in the sport of olympic weightlifting is among the best I have seen.  If you want to take your lifting to the next level, look no further than Matt and Melissa York.


*Results may vary