1-9-16 CrossFit WOD


1-9-16 CrossFit WOD

CrossFit WOD in Tucson AZ



“Helen meets Grace” Clean & Jerk  Take 20-25 Minutes to find the days Max
Teams of two  
3 Rounds for time Every 6 Minutes for 24 Minutes
Run 400m 2/1 Muscle Ups
21 Swings 24/16kg 3/2 Chest to Bar
12 Pull ups 4/3 Pull Up
then… 5/4 Toes to Bar
30 Clean and jerks 62/44kg 6/5 Handstand Push Ups
  Run 400 Meters
*One partner works at a time; split reps as you see fit  
** Both partners must run 400m together  
*** One kettlebell and one bar per team