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Trevor has been a member of CrossFit 646 for about 6 months.  Trevor was not new to the CrossFit scene when he first came to 646, but was looking for a change and was very interested in improving his strength and Olympic lifts when he first found out
wodabout our gym.  Trevor was uber excited, moved well, had a good work ethic and was able to help most of us with fashion choices at our favorite local garment store, so we were pumped to have him around!  However, since Trevor started at our gym, he’s become an asset to our program in more ways than one.  Trevor brings an enthusiasm about exercise that is rare to come by.  On an almost daily basis Trevor brings a new joke to the gym (“Hey Matt, did you bring your scissors?”… “For all these cuts!” flexing his biceps) or posts something on Facebook that has made me snot bubble!  Not only does he bring excitement, genuine friendliness and a sense of humor to the gym, but he loves to put in the work, especially with a teammate!  Trevor is also an avid hiker (he’s hiked all the major peaks in the Catalina’s…I think I got that stat right) and is now cycling miles upon miles around Tucson.  I love his goofiness, but it’s truly inspiring that once you get past the goofball, you find a person who is honest, incredibly hard working and passionate about the community at CrossFit 646.  And his hard work is paying off!  Trevor recently told me a story about going to a globo gym with some of his friends who used to be stronger than him…Not anymore :)!*  I’m also excited that Trevor is going to be coaching classes at our gym and is taking his CrossFit Level 1 Test in a few weeks!  Trevor, thank you for bringing the intangibles that only great people can bring to our community and congratulations for earning Athlete of the Month at CrossFit 646!

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