Performance & Olympic Weightlifting 5-20-16


Performance & Olympic Weightlifting 5-20-16

Can you tell me who the blurry faced lifter is in the above picture?  Post response to comments!

For those doing the Iron Athlete Meet: Off…come in and move the bar and mobilize if you want to.

For those not doing the Iron Athlete Meet do the CrossFit Class
3 Rounds for Time (P)
200 Meter Run
10 Meter Handstand Walk
10 1 Arm Row

“Macho Man” (P)
EMOM for as long as possible
3 Power Cleans 71/52
3 Front Squats 71/52
3 Push Jerk 71/52
*at 10 minutes the reps go to 4, and at 11 minutes the reps go to 5
and continues that pattern until the reps can no longer be completed
on the minute