CrossFit in Tucson 12-22-15


CrossFit in Tucson 12-22-15

CrossFit Class in Tucson Arizona

CrossFit Fitness

CrossFit Performance

5 Rounds Not For Time Every 90 seconds
Push Press 5,4,3,2,1 RPE 90% 3 Pos Clean 60%/2, 65%/2, 70%/1, 75%/1×4
Pull Up 5 (30X1)  
RDL 5 (30X1) Then Every 90 seconds for 7.5 Minutes
  1 Power Clean + 2 Jerks w/ 2 second Pause in dip and catch
Then 3 Rounds for Time with a Partner:  *work to 2-3% increase from last week
100 Wall Balls (Each time you break you owe 15 Sit Ups and your partner may continue the reps)  
50 Double Unders (Each partner does 50 and both partners can work at the same time) Then work to 3 RM Push Press Over 3-4 sets
  Then 2 Rounds for Time:
  75 Wall Balls (Each time you break you owe 15 Sit Ups)
  75 Double Unders
  Extra Cardio:
  These extra Cardio Sessions are for people who plan on doing the Open and have the time to
  get the extra work in.
  Run 2 Miles